2022 West Fraser Sustainability Report: For Generations

Editorial Design
The 2022 West Fraser Sustainability Report: For Generations is a 92-page report that captures the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives of one of the world’s largest forest product companies. To humanize the report and showcase the people at West Fraser, we added cut-out collage-like visuals to what was initially a text-heavy publication. Complex pieces of information were designed as infographics or data visualizations to improve message clarity and engage audiences.

personal stories From our roots
At Wiseblood, we collaborated with West Fraser through content refinement, design, and editorial review. We took a thoughtful approach to the art direction, drawing inspiration from the collective personal stories and historical roots of the West Fraser brand. This involved refining the design to achieve a reductive, honest aesthetic that mirrors the transparency conveyed in the information presented. Our objective was to create a report that was not only informative, but also effortlessly consumable. Each page was meticulously curated for clarity and ease of reading, striking a balance without overwhelming textual density. 


Agency: Wiseblood Consultancy
Creative Director: Dave Smith
Design: Carmen Cheung
Production Design: Mike Savage
Lead Strategist: Daniel Presnell
Account Director: Carolyn Phoenix
Account Coordinator: Moriah Diamond