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Mind Your Design

Mind Your Design is a 2-day educational national design for mental health conference that seeks to reduce the stigma of mental illness, taking place during Schizophrenia Awareness Week (May 13 to 19).

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Affecting 20 million people worldwide, schizophrenia is a treatable chronic severe mental illness, but more than 69% of affected people do not receive appropriate care.* Stigma plays a role in that.

Mind Your Design seeks to reduce the stigma of mental illness by educating the visual communications industry about the misrepresentation of mental illness, negatively impacting people living with mental illness and preventing them from seeking appropriate care. The campaign features people living with schizophrenia shown with dignity. By providing online speakers, resources, and information; attendees will be able to make better decisions and “mind [their] design[s].”

Scope of Work

Brand Identity
Conference Materials:
Event Poster Series, Social Media

*Source: Mind.org


A brand identity that supports growing to learn and understand

The brand identity represents three core elements: people, understanding, and design around mental health. The icon’s monoline “leaves” represent people’s perspectives coming together and understanding schizophrenia to form the “flower” which represents growth and learning about the topic. Finally, the wordmark “mindyourdesign” becomes the foundation of the “flower,” intentionally typeset without spaces to encourage audiences to dive deeper into this delicate topic.

The opportunity in the design was to convey that schizophrenia, a delicate topic, could be approached with care and compassion. Like a blooming flower, this process of understanding, experiencing, and living with schizophrenia is cycle of growth and learning.