Digital Design

 SFU CLF4, Faculties of Science and Education

Refining message clarity and brand expression through refreshed digital design styles for Simon Fraser University.

Refreshing Design Styles

Refining message clarity and brand expression with digital design considerations for Simon Fraser University.

Working closely with the SFU Communications and IT teams, we designed and updated SFU’s Common Look and Feel (CLF) that could be applied across SFU’s network of websites, implemented within the existing Content Management System. The university needed to express its bold, fearless, unconventional identity consistently across its hundreds of faculty, departmental, program and campaign websites with digital accessibility in mind.
Scope of Work

SFU CLF Refresh
Arts and Culture Microsite
Faculty of Education Website
Surrey Counselling Centre Microsite
Cmolik Prize Microsite

Project Team

Wiseblood Consultancy
Creative Director
  Dave Smith  Strategy  Kyla Leslie  UX  Kallie Hu  Account Director  Carolyn Phoenix  Design  Carmen Cheung