Chinatown Vancouver

Brand Identity, Editorial Design
Chinatown Vancouver is a fictional organization committed to the revitalization of Vancouver’s Chinatown. In light of accelerating gentrification, the brand aims to educate and inspire future generations of Chinese Canadians to help preserve Chinatown’s heritage and culture, and the local community.

A rich history and Resilient Community
The identity is a nod to the only constant in Vancouver’s Chinatown, a resilient community amongst brick buildings and architecture. It is also a direct reference to Vancouver’s Chinatown’s architecture—buildings made of brick, usually three storeys high. The stacked bricks represent the resilience that the Chinese have shown in their adopted home and symbolize the character and tenacity with which the Chinese community has faced hardship over many years. 

Inspired by Heritage
The harmony between the brick motif and typography that is reminiscent of Chinatown street signage creates a visual system that is appropriate, bold, and flexible for varied scales and applications. Using a limited colour palette results in a clean, contemporary aesthetic inspired by Chinese heritage.

A tourism guidebook called “Rediscover Vancouver’s Chinatown” was created to educate and raise awareness about Chinatown’s rich history and its community.


Translation: Jacky Wu,
Susan Zhou, Bangyou Xiang, Ke Wei
Design: Carmen Cheung

ADCC Student Competition, Winner