Level Bot Technologies

Brand Identity, User Interface Design (Mobile/Desktop)
Level Bot Technologies is a start-up launched to help construction builders and contractors communicate more efficiently with voice technology. At Wiseblood, we were tasked with a complete relaunch and a new name, Level, to capture the spirit of their vision—”tech for the tool-belt.” The visual design system uses inspiration from vintage construction typography and linework to bridge the gap between tactile and tech.

Tech for the tool-belt
Dark muted tones convey the rugged and robust nature while fluorescent tones like the hi-vis green are reminiscent of construction sites and convey technology and innovation to bring familiarity. From the smallest elements like a site favicon to an app icon that would be seen before every use, we strived to maintain brand integrity at all touchpoints for a consistent user experience.

Designed to Scale
The interface design prioritizes clarity through straight-forward iconography and interactive elements over abstract. Consistent functional patterns in buttons and links enhances the easy-to-navigate user experience. The result is a scalable design system and product that is professional and practical.


Agency: Wiseblood Consultancy
Creative Director: Dave Smith
Design: Carmen Cheung
Lead Strategist: Daniel Presnell
Account Director: Amberlea Schaab
Account Coordinator: Moriah Diamond