Carmen is a designer and art director based in Toronto. Her work is a fine balance between precision and play across visual identity and digital experiences.

I’m all about blending smart strategy with good storytelling. I create brands that not only connect with people but also shake things up a bit. Brands that stick in your mind—the ones that are exciting and timeless. The real fun kicks in when I get to collaborate with folks who want more than “just a logo” and crave a bit of change.

I’m a curious learner, always on the lookout for design possibilities, whether they’re around the corner or on the other side of the globe. Every project is an opportunity to explore, innovate, and bring ideas to life.



2020–Present Freelance Designer
2022–2023 Designer, Wiseblood Consultancy
2021 Design Intern, OXD
2019 Design Intern, Signals Design Group

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design for Marketing (GDMA), Wilson School of Design at KPU


Applied Arts Student Awards, Winner x2
Advertising Design Club of Canada, Student Competition, Winner
DesCan BC, The Salazar Awards, Print, Winner
DesCan BC, Jim Rimmer Scholarship, Finalist